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Commercial Cleaning Programs

A Progress Energy study showed that a clean PTAC unit uses 20% less energy. So a Marra Air professional cleaning reduces utility costs all year, lengthens the life of your units and reduces annual repair bills.

We specialize in PTACs, so we understand the unique cleaning needs of PTAC units and how a well-maintained unit saves you money on repair and replacement. Our commercial cleaning contracts include Orange National Golf Center and Lodge of Orlando, Florida.

In a commercial PTAC cleaning we come to your business, remove all the units from the wall, take them apart and chemically treat and wash them with a non-toxic, biodegradable coil cleaner that cuts through grime and saves you money, safely. Once the units are thoroughly cleaned, we put them back together and professionally reinstall them.

In the hospitality industry, clean, odor-free PTAC units can help reduce the instance of room refunds. In the healthcare/assisted living industry, clean PTACs can reduce patient and family complaints and lower the chances of sickness from mold or mildew growth. Professional commercial cleaning also removes room odors and helps extend the life of furnishings, curtains, wall coverings and carpet.

Here's What you Get!

Seasoned Professionals

Marra Air Conditioning Services, Inc. was founded in 1992. Owner Ernie Romano has repaired PTAC units for over 29 years.

Attention to Detail

If its not done right, then it's not worth doing at all. Marra Air Conditioning Services prides itself on our attention to detail and getting the job done right.

Helpful and Friendly Customer Service

Our client relationships are long lasting, achieved through quality work and great customer service.

Eco Friendly

Marra Air Conditioning Services utilizes eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and disposal practices. Feel confident that we are working in a green, earth-friendly manner!